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How do you know what's real?
So apparently there were folks who were unaware that I live in Texas these days and it was suggested that I need to post about what I've been up to for the past few years, so here's the (relatively) short version:

I left Atlanta and went back home to Kentucky where I enrolled at UK and got my degree in Telecommunications in '00.  Worked for Clear Channel for a while, found out it's very hard to make a living in radio and started taking CS classes at UK on the side.  Left radio to go full time back to school and got a co-op job to pay my bills.  Finished my CS degree in December of '03 and landed my current gig here in Dallas in '04.  Been here ever since doing the computer programming thing.  Thanks to the generosity of my employer, I'm now 1 semester away from a Masters of Security Engineering from SMU. 

There are other things going on in life, but I'm a little tired to delve into it all right now.  Maybe I'll get into it later in the week.  Things could be better, things could be a lot worse.
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I had mostly forgotten that I even had a LJ account.  Luckily it is tied to an email address I still use, so I was able to recover my username and change the password.  Is this still a popular form of communication or have all the cool kids moved on to MySpace and then moved on from there to Facebook?

I suppose I has news, but I'll hold off for the moment.  Soon, though, I may has a news to post.

Current Location: Dallas
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So last week, Jen and I drove a 27' U-haul full of furniture (much of it antique) from KY to Dallas in order to furnish the house we bought back in February. Don't ever stop for gas in Lonoke, Arkansas.

Thanks to a rather painful incident while moving a dresser, or was it a chest of drawers, I fully expect to lose my left big toenail before too much more time passes.

Jen returns to school in a few weeks, pursuing a degree in CS.

Work is good, and that's all I've got to say on that subject.

Also coming up in a couple weeks is the Asian Film Festival. Should be lotsa fun.

I'm sure there's lots more I could write, but it'll keep.

Oh yeah, we're having a garage sale in a week or two. Y'all need to come buy our crap. :)
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So last night Jen and I are watching the final game of the World Cup when, near the end of the first period, the cable goes out. Suck!

Anyway, glad Canadia ended up winning but sorry that I didn't even get to finish watching what may be the last hockey game I'll see in quite a while.

So in about an hour, Bettman's gonna announce the lockout and both sides will sit on their thumbs until Nov/Dec, when they'll get together to try and salvage the season. But, it'll all fall apart and there will be no hockey this year. This, of course, will cause severe damage to the NHL's fanbase here in the US. If the WHA actually gets off the ground, I might consider getting some tickets to watch the Dallas Americans (partly owned by Eddie the Eagle, who might even play).

One of the reasons I was excited about Dallas was that it's a hockey town. Now there's no hockey! If I become a pro basketball fan because of this, I'm gonna be really angry.
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Satellite imagery
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Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®
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Today, I received the best piece of spam email I have ever seen. The subject line reads: Jesus Saves, and so can youCollapse )

Also, I got up very early so I could get in to work by 0630 because I was sick on Wednesday and don't want to burn all my PTO so I'm doing 8 hours today instead of my normal 4 hour Friday but Jen and I are going to Six Flags for Raytheon night and I want to get home early enough so we can get there when it opens at 6:00.

Wow, I just butchered the English language.

Current Mood: barely awake

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Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash??!?!!?!

Please don't let this happen.
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Thought George would get a kick out of this.
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Let's see, what has happened since my last update? My sister got married last weekend, so I now have a brother-in-law. I still have no security clearance and no idea of when I'll be getting security clearance. The first pepper on my habanero plant is ripening and may be ready for picking soon. Jen's car broke down and needs a new fuel pump. Jen and I decided on our honeymoon destination, but haven't made any reservations yet. My parents got me a neat little book called The Automatic Millionaire, which told me to put at least 10% of my income into my 401(k) if I want to have money to retire. Jen got a job with Interim Health Care. I'm eating a taco salad for lunch. I've got a meeting in an hour. Tomorrow I'll start teaching ethics classes.

That's about it.
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